Made in Italy since 2004

Anything is possible with hard work, practice, dedication, determination and ambition

Passion, knowledge, and hard work allow us to provide our Customers with the best solution for their needs. The development of new technologies, the know-how and the expertise of our team results in an ongoing success, making us a reliable supplier. Our goal is to supply a high-performance Italian product with top-quality customized service.

With a clear vision into the future, we deliver greater value to both our clients and employees with continued focus on technology innovation, cooperation, transparency and trust. The key to our success lies in our business philosophy characterized by positive thinking, creative wisdom and constant evolution.

Engineering & Production

Our experienced and skilled staff will provide a fast and smart solution for all our Customer requirements.

Health Safety & Environment

The workplace in ERREESSE is a positive and inspiring environment that fosters personal growth of our staff and effective communication with the Customer.

Fast Track Orders

ERREESSE handles orders in short time to guarantee the fast delivery of our products.

With great valves come great facilities!

Andrea Sanfilippo

The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Having a vision means charting the course and defining the identity which will distinguish the company on the market.

My vision has been from the outset to develop Erreesse by looking towards the future with a glance to everyday market challenges.

If you want to write a lasting story, identity is the pillar underpinning the construction of a solid company.

Our story began in 2004 and since then the values through which I have built this dream have become our strength and the source of our esteem all over the world.

Sales department

Trained and dynamic, our Sales team is always close to the client, looking for the proper solution to all customer needs. Our team has the proactive and enthusiastic approach necessary to create, develop and consolidate fruitful business relationships.

Project Management Department

Precise and careful, our Project Managers coordinate every single order activity through an ongoing dialogue with the client and other internal departments.
With a reults-driven and continuous improvement oriented mindset they are able to provide immediate assistance and follow each step of the process with timing and accuracy.

Technical department

Skilled and Meticulous, our Technical Department accurately engineers each of our valves according to all customer requirements, analysing case by case, with the ability and the expertise to design the valve starting from the client datasheet and with an eye towards research, innovation and sustainability.

Quality department

Rigorous and supportive, our Quality Department is always attentive on quality and safety checks by keeping updated on the latest international accreditation and certifications. Strict industry regulations and systems call for a rigorous ethic while being supportive of clients requests, assuring projects are handled in a safe and functional environment.

Purchasing department

Efficient and determined, the purchasing team is committed to bringing home the best deals with suppliers and identifying new outsourcing opportunities and strategies that match our operational and financial goals.

Financial department

Scrupolous and effective, the financial department covers all activities that ensure the financial stability to the overall system. Quick in making streamline work processes in a cost-effective manner they have a scrupulous attention to tracking and ensuring the company’s financial health.

Production department

Talented and versatile, the production team is capable to cope with any eventuality. Experts of each single valve, they run against time to deliver unique and sophisticated products in total safety.

Get expert guidance

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