With great valves come great facilities

Erreesse buildings produce, stock and manage all our products.
The Internal Welding department is our new added value that increases our made in Italy excellence.

Grignasco plant

(3460 sqm)

Main Office
General manager office
Technical department
Administration department
Quality department
Commercial department
Job coordination department

Testing area hydrostatic /gas /cryo (250 s.m.)

Assembling area (750 s.m.)

Metal processing area (488 s.m.)

Wearehouse (355 s.m.)

Assembling area (650 s.m.)

Testing area (170 s.m.)

Purchasing department

Baragiotta plant

(2940 sqm)

Warehouse (705 s.m.)

Assembling area (705 s.m.)

Packaging area (705 s.m.)

Assembling area (705 s.m.)

Proudly Made in Italy

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