Floating Ball Valves – Erreesse Valves

Floating ball valves have the obturator free from axial constraints supported between two soft seat inserts; under pressure the ball compresses the downstream soft insert to allow sealing; these valves are recommended for use in clean service with limited sizes and ratings. Erreesse production range offers a wide selection of models and construction suitable for critical services also.


The ball in a floating valve is not held in place by a trunnion and flows downstream slightly, allowing the seating mechanism. ERREESSE floating ball valves are suitable for a wide range of applications with sizes typically between ½” to 8” supporting low and medium pressures.

ERREESSE production range includes special floating ball valves suitable for severe services with larger sizes and higher pressures, single seated design eccentric ball types.

There are two main body constructions: side entry and top entry. The main difference is based on how the pieces of the valve are manufactured and assembled, from the side or from the top, and operation is the same in each case: operating positions for 2-way valves can be either closed (no flow goes through) or open (fully or partially).