Welcome to the internal reporting channel of Erreesse S.r.l..

We are delighted to have you here, a place where transparency, integrity, and ethics are fundamental values.

This reporting channel is aimed at all internal stakeholders (e.g., employees, collaborators, etc.) and external parties (customers, suppliers, potentials, citizens, etc.) and has been created in compliance with Italian
legislation Legislative Decree 24/2023, concerning “the protection of individuals who report violations of Union law and provisions on the protection of individuals who report violations of national regulatory provisions.”

We commit to treating all reports with the utmost confidentiality and ensuring that each report is carefully evaluated and appropriately managed. Your trust is essential to us and we pledge to maintain an atmosphere
of openness and non-judgment, where every report is carefully considered and addressed with the utmost seriousness.

We encourage you to use the internal reporting channel to report any behavior or practice that is deemed illegal, inappropriate, or unethical. Your reports are a fundamental contribution to the improvement of our
organization and the preservation of our values.

Methods and Reasonableness.

As a priority, whistleblowers are encouraged to use the internal channel, and only under certain conditions defined by the ANAC – National Anti-Corruption Authority, can an external report or public disclosure be made.
For more details on the conditions established by the ANAC, click here. (https://www.anticorruzione.it/-/whistleblowing#p2)

Reasonableness regarding external reporting and public disclosure.

At the time of reporting to the judicial or accounting authority or making a public disclosure, the reporting person must have a reasonable and well-founded reason to believe that the information regarding the reported,
publicly disclosed, or denounced violations is true and falls within the scope of the regulations.

We thank you in advance for your commitment to promoting an ethical and sustainable work environment. We are here to listen to you and work together to create a better workplace for all of us.

Privacy policy Whistleblowing (IT Language)

Policy for the management of reports of crimes (IT Language)